What sets DIFTK apart from other organisations is not just the fact that it is entirely youth-run, but that it prioritises getting to know the children and spending valuable time with them. Whilst many people and/or organisations may donate goods to the underprivileged, we believe that one good orphans particularly need is that of time which allows them to feel cared for and important. Hence whenever possible, DIFTK team members spend time either playing and interacting with orphans, or doing those jobs nobody wants to do like assisting the matrons with ironing!


DIFTK has joined the I-pad campaign, a campaign which aims to support the girl child through aiding her with sanitary pads. We believe this to be a right for every girl child in the country, and an effort we are determined to support until such a day every Zimbabwean girl can attend school without being prohibited by lack of sanitary wear for certain periods of the year.


The Clean-Up Campaign is held every Sunday at 1455 at the Bulawayo City Hall.


We are tremendously grateful to each and every single one of you that make it possible for DIFTK to assist in alleviating the plight of the less privileged. Because of your donations in cash and kind, we are able to support various children’s homes with food and clothing, we are also able to extend the helping hand to the homeless and also those who have been befallen by sudden tragedy, such as a family whose home was burnt down.


It only takes reading a few lines of the attitudes section in the link provided below to see the stigmatisation shown towards the community of people living with down-syndrome in Zimbabwe. Whilst Zimbabwe as a nation, boasts one of the highest literacy rates on the African continent, it is saddening to note the lack of access to books that people with down-syndrome have. Do It For The Kids believes in equal opportunities for people of all abilities and hence the FABHAC initiative.


No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.