Find me in a place where I am insecure and constantly needing assurance. Teach me to be content, thankful and to look forward to another day.

Remind me to keep in mind that if I was not good enough, I would not have made it as far as being alive today on this earth, but God deemed it necessary for my existence to be acknowledged.


Be my witness when I feel like giving up and there seems to be more darkness than light in my world. Encourage me not to tone it down because of my sadness rather, to turn it up with my faithfulness! When they say diamonds are made under pressure, kindly be my illustration so that I feel the urge to want to burn too for me to be polished and shine.

Watch me be an achiever and be my loudest cheerleader so that the word of the Lord which says, “ It is not good for man to be alone…” can be validated and I can have enough confidence to say I experienced the power of unity. Show me the power of love that is guaranteed, deep and worth holding onto because the only perception I have is that of an everlasting war-zone.


I fight very hard each day to be a stronger human being than I was yesterday, let your reminder be my daily bread as I consciously keep in mind that strength does not lie in the amount of things I achieve but it is all in the way I achieved it and the agenda that is behind the scenes…