I come in peace not to frighten you but to enlighten you and give you a
glimpse of what reality is like. I wish I told you that as you grow older, your
responsibilities are increased and your decisions have to be more
calculated. The people you grew up with you might not travel the whole
journey of life with you. Some will leave, abandon you, move on with their
own lives and your relationships will be buried eventually by a factor called
growth. I wish I also told you that you do not have to maintain certain
principles so that society could give you a standing ovation. The art of
uniqueness is not in being uniform or doing it better, sometimes you have
to create a new rhythm that people will eventually get in tune with. I also
forgot to remind you that as harsh as this may sound, snakes do not just
hiss nowadays but they can also come in the form of a friend, family
member, associate or a relative. I regret not imparting to you that joy is not
anyone’s responsibility but yours for it is a fruit of the spirit. As you grow
older, I want you to always keep in mind that it is vital to not only feed your
body but you soul accordingly, at least that way you will be very cautious of
what you ingest. As much as independence is a beautiful thing, life is not
meant to be lived in solitude. Intercede for companions that are worthy of
your energy, growth, success and health. Success is great when you do it by
yourself but even better when you triumph collectively. In the midst of
trials and tribulations, people testing your patience, and throwing spears in
your direction, retaliation or disdain will never be the answer. Reciprocate
all that with love, kindness and humility not because you are better than
anyone but you are only allowing your opponents to experience something
they were clearly not familiar with. I have not figured out everything yet but
I hope you are not disappointed so far.

by Starcey Mareya