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“Find Me”

FIND ME…Find me in a place where I am insecure and constantly needing assurance. Teach me to be content, thankful and to look forward to another day. Remind me to keep in mind that if I was not good enough, I would not have made it as far as being alive today on this

Call me President

I am not a mistake, I might not have been conceived with with the best intentions. Perhaps I was a planned abortion instead of an expected and interceded blessing to my parents. I have been underdog for most of my life. My insecurities have been people’s weapon to attack me. My level of literacy


This girl.......She knows she is worth every good thing that is coming her way.She no longer tries to fit in because she knows she was made to stand out.She has chosen to take the road less traveled instead of the well beaten path,Because she now knows that she has got what it takes and

National Anthem

They say I am too holy because I always mention JesusYet, they think that it is more important to promote Yeezus.Some of them have been very faithful to the ministry of Cardi BThe truth is the grace of God is so much, I am shocked you’re too blind to seeI guess I do not

My Rival – Thando

Somewhere deep within meresides another beingbolder and beautifulbraver than meprobably brighter than I'll ever beshe's not naive or susceptible to deceitextrovert and bubblyshe's a queen and owns her spaceshe defies odds and refuses to be defined by the norm. She's roaring at me to let her outbut I'm afraid of what the world might sayshe's