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What is VALUE? When I looked up the word I came across these definitions: price, importance, worth and significance. It is often measured by people based on their perception, so value in other words is perception. I can say a rock that I found on the ground is valuable perhaps, as it may have traces


My head rocks rhythmically to the beat of a Jah Prayzah song. I can’t believe the range of music genres that entertain me. Everything from the raw, passionate screams of alternative rock, to the mellow chords of country music guitars that give your soul that warm and calmly feeling. But this song hits different. This

Mustard Seed Communities – Appeal

Due to Covid-19 mitigation measures and the country’s lockdown all our Nutrition programs had to be closed leaving over 450 children from Pumula, Ngozi Mine, Cabatsha and Woodville stranded without notice. These are some of the oldest and most remote areas with Ngozi Mine being a dump site housing over 200 households in squatter camps.

Drug Abuse and Covid 19

With users as young as 9 years old, drug abuse is increasingly becoming a common social problem in Zimbabwe. Its spread has been heavily influenced by factors that include unemployment, lack of recreational infrastructure, media influence and peer pressure. The most commonly used drugs in Zimbabwe are codeine (taken in the form of Bron Cleer,

2020 Activity Summary

After a successful and eventful 2019, DIFTK was looking forward to an even better 2020, with an even greater impact on the communities we serve. We got off to a flying start but unfortunately due to the pandemic we find ourselves in the trajectory we were on saw a decline in the level of activity.

Dear Younger Me

I come in peace not to frighten you but to enlighten you and give you a glimpse of what reality is like. I wish I told you that as you grow older, your responsibilities are increased and your decisions have to be more calculated. The people you grew up with you might not travel the


Find me in a place where I am insecure and constantly needing assurance. Teach me to be content, thankful and to look forward to another day. Remind me to keep in mind that if I was not good enough, I would not have made it as far as being alive today on this earth,


“Tap into your power & unlock your full potential.” Has anyone ever come up to you and told you that you can’t do something? Has anyone ever told you that you can’t do this or that because you’re a girl?Whether you’ve experienced this yet or not, truth is at some point you